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This site is made first of all for survivors of ritual abuse and for therapists and counsellors who work with survivors of ritual abuse, but also for survivors of any other form of (sexual) abuse who recognize themselves in that which is written here and for those of you who want to learn more about ritual abuse.

This is originally a dutch site and in the Netherlands this was the first christian site about ritual abuse. The purpose of this site is to break the silence that surrounds ritual abuse and to provide support for survivors and give good information to counsellors. In my work as a psychologist I have met quite a few ritual abuse survivors and our hope is that survivors may find recognition here for what happened to them and maybe give them courage to take the first step in talking about what they have been through. On this webpage you can find several contributions of survivors in stories, poetry, drawings and paintings.

If you have a contribution to this website in the form of poetry, stories from experience, drawings, paintings etc., feel free to send an email to: fragilewing@chello.nl

If you are an (s)ra survivor reading this page, we would like to warn you to be careful because some of the things you might read or see, may be very triggering. Maybe it would be better then to not be alone, but to be with someone that you trust. When we expect something to be triggering, we have put this little sign there as a warning:

You will find a lot of information here and my hope is that, after reading here, many people will have more understanding toward survivors for what they have been through and for what they are still going through. It is to them that I dedicate this site.
I do realize that the information here is not nearly complete, and for survivors some of the information is maybe not really all that important. Maybe you as a survivor are much more looking for recognition, understanding and support. My prayer is that you will find some of that here. May this be a safe place for you.
With this site we want to help bring the evil of (satanic) ritual abuse out to the light and to support and give comfort to survivors.

Carla (psychologist)
Fragile Wing

"Let justice flow like a stream, and righteousness like a river
that never goes dry."
Amos 5:24

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